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want to be part of our digital journey?

We are investing heavily in our digital ambition to become a leading actor within technology and digitalization in the retail industry. To keep having satisfied customers in the future, we need to be one step ahead with developing great solutions. Technology is one of the key stones in every part of our entire value chain. In 2016, we opened a new warehouse and a fully automated logistics center to ensure more efficient processes and better flow of goods. This was just the beginning of technology becoming the core of our future development. We are currently developing a brand new technology stack, one that is intended to cover both the online and physical world. We believe in building powerful, yet flexible and easy-to-use developer friendly solutions.

Our digital transformation also requires us to welcoming several new colleagues into our family. Do you want to be part of revolutionizing the way of doing retail? Come join us! 


Open positions

Backend Developer - Frontend Developer - UX Designer - Data Scientist ...

Tech is part of our entire value chain

Technology is essential for every step in our value chain, from start to finish. We have developed a solution for 3D design, which makes our design process much for efficient and precise. Our products are distributed through our fully automated distribution center in Vänersborg, and sent out to all our stores across the north of Europe. We monitor the entire product journey from our service office at Slependen. There are still much potential when it comes to implementing new technological solutions in our value chain, and we hope that you will join us in developing these solutions. 


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why Varner?

We are driven by our common values, and always strive to make great results as a team. We are a family who embrace technology, innovation, diversity and sustainability. Working with technology at Varner gives you the opportunity to challenge and develop yourself. We develop large online stores for all of our brands, which are frequently used by thousands of customers all over Europe. This gives you the opportunity to work closely with all types of customer segments. You will be able to work with different types of systems and platforms, and cooperate closely with our business side and other expert domains within technology. We believe in autonomy and flexibility, which will give you the opportunity to influence your way of work and your choice of solutions. Every day at Varner is fun! 


Our values




We put sustainability at the core of our entire business. Technology enables us to search for new opportunities for sustainable business. We are currently working with artificial intellingence to better meet the need of our customers. We are also designing our products in 3D, to get a more customized production and reduce our use of material. When becoming a part of our technology team, you will have great opportunities to develop new, sustainable solutions. 

Join our team

 Our colleagues are the reason for our success. Without all the talented, passionate and friendly people working here, we would never have come this far. Our culture is unique and the core of our business. Our tech team consist of skilled and experienced colleagues who are specialized in what they do.  



What you can expect when working at Varner

1. A new family, great friendships. 2. Professional colleagues with great skills. 3. Opportunity to work across our entire value chain. 4. Nice location. 5. Amazing lunch. 6. A barista who has your coffee ready all day long. 7. Parties - you just missed our amazing afterski party, but there will be more to come! Perhaps you can join our summer party this year? 8. Develop your skills through conferences, training etc. 

our technology

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our expert domains

Developing the best solutions for our customers requires us to work as a team across all expert domains. We have several technological domains where we focus on both individual development and solving complex problems in a multidisciplinary way.

Product Management - The greater the possibilities, the bigger need to have a clear strategy, focus and ability to collaborate, deliver and learn. Our product managers stack out courses and help the team win both in the short and long term with our products and technology. 

Software Engineering -  Software is the key to our digital ambition, which is why our developers are the magicians in our team. They enable us to complete Black Friday without any challenges!   

Infrastructure & IT - There is no need for well designed solutions if they don't work at all times. When developing digital solutions for the amount of people that we do here at Varner, infrastructure and support is crucial.

Data Science & Analytics - Combining qualitative and quantitative insights is powerful in the retail industry. Our data scientists are collecting, analyzing and interpreting extremely large amount of data in order for us to develop det best solutions for our clients.

Design & UX - In order to keep having satisfied clients and colleagues, both user insight and user-friendly design are needed. Our designers do this through research, intuitive user experience and appealing user visuals.